Training, mentoring and tools to master success in stock trading and investing

Whether you’re new to trading or have dabbled in the markets before; Ajit Mahuli’s unique approach to learning Price Action trading, combined with live coaching, personalized mentoring, and experience-based content, lays a solid foundation stones and paves the way for your journey to becoming a consistently successful trader.

LPAT is not a course.
LPAT is a journey to become a skilled, confident and accomplished trader.

We have created a proven map of transformative journey. Beyond a collection of lessons, from creating a solid foundation to progressing to cultivate mastery in trading, LPAT is a meticulously crafted program designed to holistically shape you into a trader who thrives in dynamic markets.

Central to this transformative journey is a roadmap that charts each step with precision. This map doesn’t just outline concepts; it highlights turning points where skills crystallize, confidence blooms, and mastery beckons. As you progress, you’ll navigate through foundational principles, intricate strategies, and real-world applications, all under the guidance of seasoned experts.

With LPAT, you’re not merely enrolling; you’re embarking on a transformative expedition designed to equip you with the tools, insights, and capabilities needed to navigate the intricacies of trading.

– Rajan Nayak

“After attending the LPAT EDGE Mastery Program, I can say that it was the best training I have attended. The best thing about Ajit is he makes complex things simple and easy to understand. His top down approach is key to higher success rate. He explains Option in a very systematic approach and makes things simple to follow.”

Trading mastery program built upon
the foundation of 5 flourishing trader pillars

Knowledge alone is not sufficient.
A unique Trading Mastery Program, meticulously designed upon the solid foundation of five robust trader pillars, forming the essential cornerstones of your journey towards becoming a successful trader.

Learn Methodology
Acquire deep insights into Price Action intricacies, decoding patterns, levels, and candles for informed trading decisions. Delve into the art of deciphering price movement patterns and master the method that empowers you to make informed trading decisions.
Develop Skill Set
Learn from the master and immerse yourself in honing the skills specific to Price Action trading. From reading price charts and identifying breakout setups to effectively managing risk and fine-tuning entry and exit strategies.
Cultivate Mindset
Success in Price Action trading demands a disciplined and patient mindset. Through Ajit Mahuli’s targeted coaching, you’ll nurture a patient, disciplined mindset that remains composed amid market fluctuations and makes you a confident trader.
Master Winning
With liver mentoring, community support and tools at your disposal, you will sharpen the ability to identify optimal trade opportunities and adapt to changing market conditions. Starting small, you’ll gain an edge in pinpointing optimal trade opportunities and repeat your success.
Conquer Success
Ultimately, the Price Action Trade Mastery program empowers you to conquer success as a Price Action trader. You will attain mastery and success in Price Action trading, and achieving financial goals.

Programs built with 100% focus on your success

Your success is not just a goal; it’s the heart of programs Ajit Mahuli has created. Designed with a strong focus on your success, every content is thoughtfully planned to provide you with the knowledge and support you need to excel. From the content to the guidance you receive, Ajit Mahuli is personally committed to your success.

No text book methodology – created from experiences and personal learnings

The approach to coaching stands apart from textbooks, drawing directly from Ajit Mahuli’s successful trading experiences and personal lessons. It’s grounded in real-world insights, offering you practical and valuable learning. You have complete visibility into Ajit’s personal trades, allowing you to learn from his actual strategies and decisions in the market. This transparency enriches your understanding and equips you with knowledge that goes beyond theory.

– Krishna Acharya

“Excellent learning experience with Mr.Ajit Mahuli Sir. Both the Price Action program and the Options program were very informative and improved my confidence and knowledge. The regular Mentoring Sessions are a icing on the cake and really helps me solidify my learning in real-time scenarios with live feedback from Ajit Sir.”

Coaching through live trading sessions

Beyond theory, this hands-on approach allows you to bridge the gap between theoretical concepts and practical application. Led by Ajit Mahuli, these sessions provide you with a front-row seat to real-time trading actions, enabling you to witness trading strategies in action, observe decision-making processes, and understand how market dynamics unfold.

LPAT Community – Exclusive Price Action Trading community

Step into the exclusive Price Action Trading community, a hub of experts and traders united by a common passion for mastery. Here, you’ll gain direct access to Ajit Mahuli, top traders, seasoned experts, as well as fellow traders eager to learn and support one another. This vibrant community offers a unique platform for learning, sharing insights, and finding encouragement.

– Akshar Pillai

“Ajit Mahuli is a super proficient mentor-trader-investor. His central motivation to build a community of traders that’s self-sufficient & also share their growth journey, is what makes this class truly worthwhile. LPAT genuinely ‘opens the kimono’ in a very comprehensible way.”

Intelligent LPAT SCANNER Platform

Ajit Mahuli’s brainchild, the LPAT Scanner Web App is a powerful tool designed to empower traders with insights. This powerful app equips traders with the insights needed to make well-informed decisions, refine their trading strategies, and elevate their potential for consistent market profitability. The tool helps filter out trades with lower success potential, and channel the focus towards high probability setups, ultimately enhancing overall success rate. As part of LPAT programs, you have access to this invaluable tool. 

Intelligent LPAT SCANNER Platform

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