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Learn how to become profitable trader by mastering the art of Price Action Trading

Join Ajit Mahuli, a successful trader and curator of innovative 7-step Price-Action-Trading methodology to personally guide you to meet your financial aspirations.

Start your journey of profitable and consistent trading results

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Uday Kumar

“It’s an eye opener session, learnt new way of trading rather than the regular way. After failing multiple times with traditional ways of trading, now I feel confident of making big in stock markets with Price Action Trading.”

Sandeep Gharage

“I can really say that Price Action is the only king in the market and LPAT is really doing a great job to make those concepts clearer to everyone and helping to ride with the trend and making ourselves as profitable as the big boys are”


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No Need of Indicators

Trade without indicators

Have you been burnt or lost money when investing?

If you are new to trading or have tried learning trading and investments by watching YouTube videos or attending one-off courses and applying those techniques, you have probably lost money.

Here are top 5 reasons why new traders often lose money:

  • Heavy reliance on technical indicators and inability to read price patterns
  • Lack of confidence in trading decisions
  • Frequent trading mistakes
  • Inconsistent results and lack of patience
  • Lack of risk management and overtrading

With you on your journey….

At LPAT we are committed to helping you conquer these common pitfalls. Our comprehensive programs, expert guidance, and supportive community is there to equip you with the tools and knowledge needed to rise above the failures and achieve lasting and consistent success in the dynamic world of trading. Embrace the journey towards becoming a confident, disciplined, and prosperous trader with us!

What is Price Action Trading strategy and why is it better than any other indicator?

Price action trading is often considered more accurate and superior to other strategies. This strategy’s focus on price fundamentals enables a holistic understanding of market dynamics, solidifying its reputation as an effective approach. Price action trading involves making trading decisions based solely on price movement, without relying on traditional indicators. This strategy analyzes patterns, trends, and formations to derive insights and signals directly from the market’s behavior. By eliminating indicator lag, it offers more timely signals.

What will I walk away with if I attend this masterclass?

This is not a course; it’s a path to trading success. Upon completing the Price Action Foundation Masterclass, you will gain:

  • A simple Price Action based 7 step trading process for finding trading/investing setups.
  • Cultivated mindset and heightened trading confidence
  • Improved trading discipline leading to consistent profitability
  • Effective risk mitigation and management
  • Tools to use for identifying the right trades

– Mayank Bhatnagar

“The session has been amazing…Not only Price Action is taught in depth, they actually teach psychology and a realistic one…I would recommend this program to everyone…Have faith in Ajit and try once.”

Are you ready for finncial freedom and learn secrets that have not been shared earlier?

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7-Step Price Action Trading Masterclass modules

Curated by Ajit Mahuli, a seasoned and accomplished trader, renowned for his remarkable expertise and profound grasp of market dynamics; has developed an innovative trading methodology that centers around Price Action Trading, a strategy which delves into the meticulous analysis and interpretation of price movements on charts, free from the constraints of traditional technical indicators.
  • Module 1 – The foundation
  • Module 2 – Cultivating the mindset
  • Module 3 – The anatomy of a Price – Leg & Base Candles
  • Module 4 – 7-steps of trade planning process
  • Module 5 – Position sizing & risk management
  • Module 6 – Trade planning process – Real case studies
  • Module 7 – Trading view tutorial
  • Module 8 – Using LPAT Scanner Web App and daily trade journaling
Bonus #1 worth ₹2500
LPAT – Daily Trade Journal

Bonus #2 worth ₹2000
Risk Management Guide

Bonus #3 worth ₹2000
Detailed Trading View Tutorial

Bonus #4 worth ₹1500
Weekly Nifty & Bank Nifty Analysis

Bonus #5 worth ₹1500​
Stock for the Months to watch out

Bonus #2 worth ₹2000
Risk Management Guide

Bonus #4 worth ₹1500
Weekly Nifty & Bank Nifty Analysis

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  • Achieve a 80% strike rate with LPAT’s powerful insights
  • Get daily stocks buying or selling areas at your fingertips
  • Easy insights in to swing and positional trades
  • Your daily guide to winning stocks
  • Elevate your trading game with LPAT’s actionable signals

Vandana Govindkrishna

“Excellent Training. Gives you a very clear tradeable system. You can analyze charts on your own after this training for opportunities to trade.”

Learn rule-based strategy for all assets & timeframes

LPAT – Price Action Trader Program is a comprehensive masterclass that imparts a rule-based price action strategy, allowing you to apply the methodology across various asset classes and timeframes.

  • Proven, clear, simple rules
  • Zero reliance on indicators
  • Boosted decision-making, confidence & risk management
  • Consistent results, adaptability to changing markets

Who is this Masterclass for?

Salaried Professionals

Individuals with regular jobs who are interested in building an additional source of income through trading and want to learn a reliable price action strategy.

Retired Professionals

Individuals who have retired and are looking for a stimulating and potentially profitable activity during their retirement years by learning price action trading.

Business Owners

Entrepreneurs and business owners looking to diversify their investment portfolio and gain insights into trading financial markets using price action analysis.

Technical Indicator Users

Traders who heavily rely on technical indicators and want to transition to a more price action-based approach for a deeper understanding of market movements.


Individuals who are new to trading or with some experience but struggling to find consistent success in their trades and seeking a systematic approach to improve their results.


Students who want to learn a practical and systematic approach to trading as a potential part-time source of income.


Why is this program so effective?

Anand M
“Stock market simplified, LPAT training helps me pick high quality trades and also ignore other low probability trades. For those who want a full time career in trading and investing, LPAT is the Best place for getting trained to become a Professional and Independent full time trader.”
– Anand M

It’s proven to deliver consistent results

The effectiveness of the strategy is backed by success stories and testimonials from traders who have benefited from the program’s teachings.

It’s simplified

The program’s rule-based price action strategy is easy to understand and implement, making it effective for traders of all experience levels.

It has zero dependency on indicators

The focus on price action reduces reliance on complex technical indicators, leading to a more straightforward and intuitive trading process.

It enhances  your decision power –

Traders develop the ability to analyze raw price data using a simple 7-Step process, leading to well-informed and timely trading decisions.

It’s applicable to all trading interests

The strategy can be applied across all asset classes, including stocks, forex, commodities, and cryptocurrencies, catering to diverse trading interests.

It’s flexible

Traders can use the price action principles on various timeframes, from short-term day trading to long-term investing, offering adaptability to different trading styles.

Teaches you effective risk management

The program emphasizes proper risk management techniques, ensuring traders protect their capital and minimize potential losses.

Gives you greater trading confidence

By understanding price action patterns and signals, traders gain confidence in executing trades with conviction and discipline.


Your mentor. Who is Ajit Mahuli?

A Master Trader & Mentor with 7+ years of training experience & 15+ years of trading experience, LPAT Founder Ajit Mahuli has trained more than 10000+ aspiring traders at a leading international trading institute. Ajit’s love for trading and teaching only grew over the years until he decided to form a community of traders who are like minded and believe in keeping trading simple based on Price Action.

Ajit with the LPAT team by his side, is the ideal person to guide you to stock market success by teaching you how to invest/trade in the financial markets using a simple, rule-based strategy with the help of price action.

Hear from those who completed the masterclass

– Himanshu Sharma

“This is the correct approach towards professional trading. Risk, Reward and Rule base trading is the only solution. Price action nicely explained.”

– Sudarshan Mali

“LPAT could be your chance to turn yourself into a profitable trader. The knowledge provided is invaluable however in very affordable value. Clear and Crisp Price Action trading concepts with strict rules so that you don’t go wrong. Try and you won’t regret it.”