LPAT Elite – Inner Circle

An exclusive circle of elite traders mastering Price Action Trading

The LPAT Elite Inner Circle is an exclusive and by-invitation only program, meticulously designed to elevate your trading journey. This elite program grants you access to a select group of traders and experts, fostering an environment of focused learning, advanced strategies, and collaborative growth. Led by Ajit Mahuli, this program offers personalized insights, live interactions, and specialized resources that empower you to excel in your trading endeavors.

The LPAT Elite Inner Circle is perfect for those who want to:

Elevate Expertise

Elevate your trading expertise through exclusive insights, advanced strategies, and personalized guidance.

Accelerate Learning

Accelerate your learning curve by gaining access to specialised resources and cutting-edge trading techniques.

Achieve Mastery

Immerse yourself in exclusive content, workshops, and live interactions that delve into the depths of advanced trading concepts.

Engage with Experts

Engage closely with industry experts, mentors, and like-minded traders for valuable knowledge exchange.

Unleash True Potential

Unleash your trading potential by receiving tailored support and continuous refinement, ensuring you reach outstanding results.

Cultivate Network

Cultivate a powerful network within an exclusive community of driven traders, fostering collaboration and growth.

What successful traders have to say about LPAT Elite Inner Circle

– Rajiv bantwal

“Having known Ajit Mahuli over the past 8 years, I can say with confidence that he is a master trader, a wonderful teacher and mentor. Learn Price Action Trading, a 2 year old enterprise, is unique for the honesty of its purpose, quality of teaching and mentoring.”

– Haresh Tole

“LPAT training and mentoring has tremendously helped me. The mentor Ajit Mahuli, is a maverick trader and keen learner, with analytical bent of mind. He shares things with real-world changes, thereby keeping the curriculum ever fresh and every mentoring session offering something new to learn.”

– Milind Bhalerao

“Ajit Mahuli Sir, has evolved the complex share market trading techniques in a simplified way. His teaching has infused a great deal of confidence in me to adapt to any market conditions or asset class successfully. What inspired me is the success among all the past students.”

Get invited to be part of LPAT Elite Inner Circle

    Why do you want to be part of LPAT Elite Inner Circle?

    What is inside LPAT Elite Inner Circle?

    • Access to all sessions – 100+ hours of content
    • Access to exclusive LPAT Risk Management modules
    • 8 Live Mentoring sessions during market hours – every month
    • Access to Ajit Mahuli’s analysis and plan, which will help you see the real application of the strategy and gain knowledge and confidence
    • 24×7 access to seasoned Price Action traders through LPAT Community. Connect with mentors and get your analysis verified.
    • Unrestricted access to LPAT Scanner Platform
    • Trading Journal tools
    • Access to all content via LPAT native iOS and Android App

    Inner Circle exclusive

    • Access to LPAT knowledge base with expert content
    • Access to Past Analysis Videos
    • Complete Trading View tutorial
    • Specialised content, workshops, and live sessions for in-depth advanced trading concepts
    • 1-on-1 coaching with mentor, Ajit Mahuli
      Engage in private, one-on-one trading planning sessions with Ajit Mahuli to assess your progress, discuss issues and get your trading plan reviewed
    • Hand Holding and personal guidance
      Get dedicated handholding and expert guidance from Ajit Mahuli to navigate your trading journey with confidence

    Get invited to be part of LPAT Elite Inner Circle

    Who is Ajit Mahuli?

    Ajit Mahuli stands as a distinguished figure in the realm of trading, renowned for his profound expertise and remarkable achievements. With years of hands-on experience and an innate understanding of market dynamics, he has become a guiding light for aspiring traders.

    His journey, marked by relentless dedication and a deep passion for trading, has led him to craft effective strategies and methodologies that have consistently yielded successful outcomes. Ajit’s commitment to sharing his knowledge and fostering a community of informed traders has earned him a reputation as an exceptional mentor. Through his guidance, traders are empowered to navigate the complexities of financial markets, enhance their skills, and attain lasting success in their trading endeavours.

    Frequently asked questions about LPAT Elite Inner Circle

    What is LPAT Elite Inner Circle?

    The LPAT Elite Inner Circle is an exclusive, by-invitation-only program that offers personalized mentoring, advanced strategies, and a supportive community for traders seeking trading excellence.

    How can one join LPAT Elite Inner Circle?
    To join the LPAT Elite Inner Circle, you need to receive an invitation from the program and follow the enrollment process.
    How often is live coaching?
    Live coaching sessions are held on a weekly basis, providing consistent support and guidance to participants.
    What is exclusive about Inner Circle?
    The LPAT Elite Inner Circle has exclusive offerings, including access to specialized content, live mentoring sessions, advanced workshops, and a vibrant community of traders who have attained a certain level of trading expertise. This exclusive program is tailored for individuals who are looking to excel and advance in their trading journey, aiming for a full-time career in trading.
      Get invited to be part of LPAT Elite Inner Circle    
    Get invited to be part of LPAT Elite Inner Circle