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Sandeep J.N

Sandeep J.N

An extremely good course, well taught, with lot of insights into key points.
If you have a trading background you will enjoy more. Being a Novice, my take away is to learn and try to put these learnings into practice as per the methodology taught. Idea is Keep it simple and things will work out. Thanks A lot Amit ji and the LPAT Team.

Annapoorni G

Annapoorni G

Great Experience and a very new way at looking price action trading. As a beginner such as me has opened the world of opportunity about trading. Looking forward to get immersed in it and understand the concepts in depth from the world class Mentors with such high expertise. Its the first step to get into the trading market with confidence.

Tanmeet Singh

Tanmeet Singh

Excellent Course. The depth of knowledge of Ajit Sir and his concepts are really good and are tested and proven and have helped me in my trading journey. Ajit is humble and connects well as a mentor. really happy to be associated with him

Inspiring stories

Story of Anil Kumar Ranjan,
a retired professional

Meet Anil Kumar, a retiree at the age of 63, whose trading journey took a transformative turn after joining the LPAT Program.

Incurred losses…
Anil started his venture into trading by watching videos on YouTube and other platforms and applying those techniques. He encountered losses in his earlier investment endeavors – from his hard earned and saved money. His strategies weren’t yielding results. He tried to modify those but encountered further losses.
Journey of success with LPAT…
Continued losses prompted him to search for the right coach and he met Ajit Mahuli. Intrigued by the promise of a systematic approach to trading, he attended Ajit’s in-person seminar in Bangalore. During the seminar, he gained an overview of the training and learning opportunities that awaited him.

LPAT’s comprehensive and methodical approach resonated with Anil, giving him a renewed sense of hope. As he delved into the LPAT Program, Anil found that the fundamental concepts were presented in a manner that was easy for him to understand and absorb. This newfound clarity instilled in him a strong sense of confidence, even at his age. 

Shift to profitability…
The LPAT Program’s structured approach stood in stark contrast to his previous experience of being overwhelmed by online videos. With diligent dedication to implementing the strategies he learned, Anil’s trading fortunes began to shift. He transitioned from losses to making profitable trades, a change he attributes directly to the teachings and guidance provided by LPAT. The program’s meticulous instruction and ongoing mentorship have given him the tools and knowledge he needed to navigate the market successfully.

His journey from initial losses to profitable trading showcases the power of a well-structured, comprehensive training program, especially in the world of trading. As a retiree, Anil Kumar’s success story stands as a testament to the effectiveness of LPAT’s approach and its ability to empower traders of all ages to achieve their goals.

Story of Deepti Krishnan,
aspiring full-time trader

Meet Deepti Krishnan, a dynamic individual whose journey from engineering and running a school to trading exemplifies the transformative impact.

Inspired by her aunt…
Having ventured into various avenues including a food business, and then farming, Deepti encountered financial struggles. The influence of her aunt, who was already engaged in trading, was pivotal. Her aunt’s encouragement, coupled with an initial capital infusion of 1 lakh, propelled Deepti into the world of trading with a newfound sense of purpose. Running a family-run school business, Deepti found herself drawn to the world of trading in 2021, seeking the autonomy of becoming a full-time trader.
Learning the ropes of Price Action trading…
As she embarked on her journey, Deepti explored various trading methodologies. The allure of Price Action as the optimal strategy led her to discover the LPAT Program. Under the guidance of Ajit and his wealth of knowledge, Deepti’s trading journey took a positive turn. Deepti recognized Ajit as not only a mentor but also a beacon of financial empowerment. After learning about the methodology in an initial masterclass, Deepti joined LPAT Edge Mastery Program, which proved to be a turning point for Deepti.
Created a solid foundation of basics…
The learning experience expanded her understanding further, prompting her to be part of the LPAT community and learn secrets from successful traders. The live mentoring sessions emerged as invaluable opportunities for growth, offering insights that proved essential to her trading journey. The vibrant community, where trades are shared and learning is facilitated, added an enriching layer to her experience.

As Deepti continues to navigate the markets, her story serves as inspiration for traders seeking to forge their own paths toward success.

In Deepti Krishnan words…
“Joining LPAT has been the best decision I’ve made to pursue my career in trading. Ajit sir is a great mentor and everyday there is something new that we learn from him. The community that he’s built is commendable. The trade setups (over 90% of our trades work) discussed in the live mentoring sessions are pure gold. I had lost a good chunk of my capital and had lost confidence but Ajit sir and his community turned that around. 

Needless to say, I’m in profits now 🙂! 

It’s been over 8 months since I joined LPAT, started with equity trading and today I just finished my class on OPTIONS BASICS & STRATEGY. The class was very interesting and simplified. Again Kudos to Ajit sir for his patience in making sure all of us understand the concepts. 

All in all it’s been an amazing journey with LPAT and I just wish they had a lifetime membership 🙃 And I would highly recommend LPAT for serious traders and for people who want to make money seriously.”

Real Results

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– Bharatt Wadhavana

“Session from LPAT was very informative. It provided a clear set of instructions which will allow a novice to become a professional. All the important aspects of the trading were covered and it provides a holistic approach. Highly recommended!!!”

– Sarang Deshpande

“LPAT is a great institute to learn the concepts of stock trading and provides an in depth, conceptual learning which helps in making you independent in taking the trading decisions. Its an eye opener and shows the mistakes you did earlier”

– Tushar Dahiya

“Very good learning. Getting more clarity on demand and supply concept. Mentoring and support system is very good. I liked the whole approach and concept of mentoring program and community.
Effort of taking each and every member of LPAT towards a success road, as a professional trader is really impressive.”

– Sunil Rathod

“Fantastic learning, It changed the way I look into charts.
Charts speaks to us and no need to use any indicators. Great for those who really want to make big in word of stocks.”

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