LPAT Edge Trading Mastery Program

LPAT Edge Trading Mastery Program

Master the art of Price Action Trading and make your dreams a reality

This proven program is created using a step-by-step methodology to systematically guide you through core fundamentals and  advanced strategies. Secrets of how to achieve mastery of consistent and profitable results are revealed through live mentoring, how-to analysis, and five pillars of trading success.

Start your journey of profitable and consistent trading results
Learn secrets of successful trading to get real results and
get access to 7 bonus materials
LPAT Edge Pro – ₹75,000 ₹25,000 + GST ONLY

LPAT Edge Price Action Strategy Core

28 Lessons | 19 Quiz | 12 hours of expert content

LPAT Edge Price Action Strategy Advanced

19 Lessons | 9 Quiz | 8 hours of expert content

LPAT Edge Options – Basics & Strategies

50 Lessons | 14 hours of expert content

24×7 LPAT Community Access

A forum to connect with expert traders, post your charts for feedback and clear your doubts

LPAT Intelligent Stock Scanner Web App

Your intelligent trading companion, a tool for insights and guide for picking winning stocks. One year subscription included with the program.

Your Own Trading Journal

Track your progress through the journey, aiding in pinpointing growth opportunities and refining strategies for more informed decision-making.

Valued at ₹60,000. Enrol for ₹25,000 + GST ONLY

3 months + bonus 3 months = 6 months access.



Take your mastery to the next level with LPAT EDGE PRO – Live mentoring with Mentors

You get all LPAT EDGE Program benefits PLUS:

Weekly live mentoring sessions
  • 12 hour of live LPAT Core mentoring sessions
  • 6 hours of LPAT Advanced mentoring sessions
  • 6 hours of LPAT Options mentoring sessions
2 Live Market mentoring sessions
1-1 meeting with the mentor Ajit Mahuli to assess your progress
Valued at ₹75,000. Enrol for ₹25,000 + GST ONLY     ENROL NOW!  

Nikhil Pandharkar

“Great efforts by the mentor in making the concepts simple to understand otherwise complex. One needs to practise it with discipline and learn from the dynamics of the market and build on the skills by seeking guidance from mentor and community.”

Suresh Kumar

“Anyone who wants real change in their trading should enrol for this course and the way the course is structured is beautiful that anyone can understand and easy to see the market in a different perspective to easily understand institutional footprint. Conventional trading methods are now a joke after going through this course to me. All the best.”

5 myths leading to financial losses

If you are new to trading or have dabbled in trading by learning on your own and trying to figure things out on your own and may have lost money. Financial markets are complex and challenging to navigate, and there are several common myths that often lead to significant financial losses.

1. Quick Riches – The myth that I can learn trading by watching YouTube videos or attending one-off courses will make substantial profits is a dangerous misconception. In reality, successful trading requires time, effort, education, and careful decision-making.

4. Predicting the Future – The myth that you can accurately predict market movements every time can result in heavy losses. No one can predict market movements with absolute certainty; risk management and adaptability are key.

2. Gut Feeling –  Relying solely on gut feelings or intuition is a risky strategy. Trading should be based on sound analysis, strategies, and risk management, rather than emotional impulses.

5. Ignoring Risk –  Neglecting risk management and believing that all trades will be winners is a recipe for disaster. It’s crucial to set stop-loss orders, diversify your portfolio, and only risk what you can afford to lose.

3. Overnight Success – The belief that overnight success stories are typical can lead to reckless decisions. Most successful traders have undergone extensive learning and practice before achieving consistent profitability.

Trading mastery is a journey

At LPAT, we understand that this journey is unique for each individual, and that’s why we’ve designed the LPAT Edge Mastery Program to stand as a testament to your success.

What is the LPAT Edge Trading Mastery Program?

In a world where the trading journey can be daunting and overwhelming, the LPAT Edge Mastery Program stands as your stepping stone of clarity, guidance, and support. It’s a program that has been meticulously created by Ajit Mahuli with you in mind, designed to empower you to master the intricacies of trading and achieve the success you envision.

  • The LPAT Edge Mastery Program is more than just a collection of lessons; it’s a comprehensive framework built around the pillars of your success.?
  • Each module, each strategy, and each concept has been thoughtfully curated to equip you with the tools, knowledge, and confidence required to thrive in the dynamic landscape of trading.
  • The program goes beyond textbooks and theory, focusing on real-world insights and practical strategies that work.
  • When you step into the LPAT Edge Mastery Program, you’re not just signing up for a course – you’re entering into a journey and partnership with a mentor who is deeply invested in your journey.
  • Ajit Mahuli’s dedication to your success is how the entire program is structured, the content that’s delivered, and the ongoing support that’s provided.
Meet your mentor

Meet your mentor

Your goals become my goals, and your achievements become my pride
– Ajit Mahuli,

Ajit Mahuli, a seasoned trader with a wealth of experience, is the visionary behind the LPAT Edge Mastery Program. Drawing from his own journey in the world of trading, he has meticulously constructed this program to serve as a guiding light for aspiring traders like you. With a deep understanding of the challenges and triumphs that traders encounter, Ajit’s insights have been woven into every facet of the program, ensuring that it resonates with the practical realities of the trading world.

LPAT Edge Price Action Trading Mastery program

Created by Ajit Mahuli, a seasoned trader celebrated for his expertise in market dynamics, the LPAT Edge program introduces an innovative trading methodology. Focusing on Price Action Trading, it entails detailed analysis of price movements on charts, surpassing traditional indicators for a more insightful trading experience.
  • Module 1 – The foundation
  • Module 2 – Cultivating the mindset
  • Module 3 – The anatomy of a Price – Leg & Base Candles
  • Module 4 – 7-steps of trade planning process
  • Module 5 – Position sizing & risk management
  • Module 6 – Trade planning process – Real case studies
  • Module 7 – Trading view tutorial
  • Module 8 – Using LPAT Scanner Web App and daily trade journaling

Bonus #1 worth ₹2500
LPAT – Daily Trade Journal

Bonus #2 worth ₹2000
Risk Management Guide

Bonus #3 worth ₹2000
Detailed Trading View Tutorial

Bonus #4 worth ₹1500
Weekly Nifty & Bank Nifty Analysis

Bonus #5 worth ₹1500​
Stock for the week to watch out

Bonus # 6 worth ₹9,000
Free 6-months subscription to LPAT Intelligent Stock Scanner
You will get 6-months access to LPAT – STOCK Scanner Web App, your intelligent trading companion. Valued at ₹9,000​, you will have unrestricted access included with masterclass.

Bonus #2 worth ₹2000
Risk Management Guide

Bonus #4 worth ₹1500
Weekly Nifty & Bank Nifty Analysis

  • High Probability Controlling Zones
  • Counter Trend Trading – identify early trend change price zones.
  • Additional Price Action Clues – Rejections
  • Overextension, Compressive PA
  • Top Down Approach
Options Basics
  • Option Foundation
  • Option Pricing
  • Greeks Made Simple
  • Volatility Analysis
Options Strategies
  • Options Trading Process
  • Directional Vs Non Directional Strategies
  • Directional Trading Strategies
  • Non Directional Trading Strategies
  • Practical Uses Of Options

Bonus # 6 worth ₹9,000
Free 6-months subscription to LPAT Intelligent Stock Scanner
You will get 6-months access to LPAT – STOCK Scanner Web App, your intelligent trading companion. Valued at ₹9,000​, you will have unrestricted access included with masterclass.

  • Achieve a 80% strike rate with LPAT’s powerful insights
  • Get daily stocks buying or selling areas at your fingertips
  • Easy insights in to swing and positional trades
  • Your daily guide to winning stocks
  • Elevate your trading game with LPAT’s actionable signals


Weekly live mentoring sessions

These weekly live mentoring sessions led by Ajit Mahuli, professional traders and experienced mentors give you in-depth understanding, clarify your doubts and provide learnings from real-world scenarios walk throughs.

  • 12 hour of live LPAT Core mentoring sessions
  • 6 hours of LPAT Advanced mentoring sessions
  • 6 hours of LPAT Options mentoring sessions

Weekly live mentoring sessions

2 Live Market mentoring sessions

Gain personalized guidance in exclusive 1-on-1 meetings with experienced LPAT mentors. Address your challenges and receive expert feedback on your strategies. These private sessions are designed to accelerate your progress and provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to master the world of trading.

Experience real-time insights and guidance from Ajit Mahuli and successful traders. These sessions immerse you in the dynamic world of trading, allowing you to learn from actual market movements, and gain valuable experience. Through interactive discussions and live examples, you’ll enhance your trading skills and develop the confidence to navigate the markets effectively.


Join for ₹60,000 – ₹20,000 + GST

LPAT Edge Pro

30 hours of live mentoring + 1-1 coaching Join for ₹75,000 – ₹25,000 + GST


Atul S

“I have learnt more than expected. The concept of TCP and CDZ/CSZ has opened my eyes wide. It will help me identify the trades and probability of positive trades goes high.The concept of Options is simplified like to a primary school child.”

Vaibhav Dohare

“Logical, Precise, Actionable, and Terrific – that’s what LPAT strategy is. The mentor Ajit Mahuli coaches selflessly with good pace and encouragement. Not only strategy, but psychology is also discussed.”

What will I walk away with if I attend this program?

This is not a course; it’s your path to trading success. Upon completing the LPAT Edge program, you will gain:

  • Comprehensive grasp of Price Action analysis and why not to rely on technical indicators 
  • A simple Price Action strategy which will help you trade/invest without any indicators and without any fear
  • Complete understanding of different asset classes (Equity/Futures/options) and how to apply the Price Action strategy to these asset classes
  • Advanced Price action clues to provide you the edge in your trading/investing.
  • Enhanced decision-making skills to analyze and trade your setups without getting confused
  • Adaptability and applicability in all market conditions

LPAT Edge program built upon
the foundation of 5 flourishing trader pillars

Knowledge alone is not sufficient. A unique Trading Mastery Program, meticulously designed upon the solid foundation of five robust trader pillars, forming the essential cornerstones of your journey towards becoming a successful trader.

LPAT Edge program built upon the foundation of 5 flourishing trader pillars
Savya Sanchi
Fine tuning trading with such a simplistic rule based approach. Looking forward to being part of the community and keep on earning and learning moving forward.
– Savya Sanchi

Who will benefit from this program?

Salaried Professionals

If you’re employed and eager to establish an additional income stream through trading, while mastering a reliable Price Action strategy, this program is tailored for you.

Technical Indicator Users

Traders heavily reliant on technical indicators can transition to a more insightful Price Action-based approach, gaining a deeper comprehension of market movements.

Retired Professionals

For those who have retired and seek a stimulating and potentially profitable pursuit during their retirement years, learning Price Action trading offers an engaging opportunity.


Students interested in acquiring a practical and systematic understanding of trading as a potential part-time income source will find value in this program.

Business Owners

Entrepreneurs and business proprietors aiming to broaden their investment horizons can gain insights into trading financial markets through Price Action analysis, enhancing their portfolio diversity.

Full-time traders

Whether new to trading or with some experience, if you’re seeking consistent success and a systematic approach to elevate your trading results, LPAT offers a solid foundation and advanced strategies.