About LPAT and Ajit Mahuli

Committed to make financial dreams a reality and help aspiring individuals become skilled traders

“Your goals become my goals, and your achievements become my pride.”

– Ajit Mahuli

Ajit Mahuli is a successful full-time trader who transitioned into a coach, fueled by his passion to provide individuals with the right guidance, helping them sidestep pitfalls and achieve their financial aspirations. A notable figure in the trading world, recognized for his extensive expertise and notable accomplishments. With years of practical experience and a deep understanding of market intricacies, he has emerged as a guiding force for traders aiming to succeed.
Ajit Mahuli, the visionary behind LPAT, established innovative programs that revolutionised Price Action trading education. By simplifying learning, he empowers individuals seeking to pursue trading as a part-time or full-time career with the right guidance. Ajit’s programs provide a solid foundation and a proven path for climbing the ladder of success. He has engineered various tools to aid decision-making and chart analysis, with his brainchild, the LPAT Scanner Web App, exclusively available to LPAT members.

Continuing his journey as a prosperous trader, Ajit awakens each day driven by a singular passion: to empower individuals to become adept and thriving traders.

Jose Blasco

“Ajjt Mahuli possesses a remarkable skill set encompassing options trading and the ability to teach others. His expertise in options trading, coupled with his proficiency in reading price charts and employing Price Action trading techniques, showcases his comprehensive understanding of the financial markets. Ajit’s dual strengths as a trader and instructor make him a valuable asset, capable of not only excelling in his own trading endeavours but also effectively imparting his knowledge to others.”

– Jose Blasco

– Rahul Sahastrabuddhe

“LPAT is the pinnacle of learning in the stock market. Ajit is a monk in trading.”

– Krishna Acharya

“Live mentoring sessions are the most valuable and it is amazing to see how Ajit’s brain works. What he does when the market is live and sometimes what he says happens in the live class.”

– Rajiv Bantwal

“Theory is not going to make you a successful trader. It’s the mentorship with Ajit that is making a difference.”

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